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Voluntary Benefits

Multiple non-medical product solutions that deliver a comprehensive experience, designed to meet the unique needs of every individual.

A Path to Financial Wellness

A personalized digital solution focused on building positive financial habits so people can gain confidence in their financial health.

A More Inclusive Pension Platform

In Chile, our pension platform and advisers help many low- and moderate-income individuals as well as women plan a financially secure retirement.

Making Financial Health Inclusive


Creating Access and Opportunities for Women

We are committed to understanding and meeting the needs of women customers and have identified a gap in the market for products designed specifically for their financial safety and health.

Enabling Inclusion through Thought Leadership

MetLife’s annual Employee Benefits Trends Study focuses on workplace trends, changing workforce needs and the value benefits play in helping meet those needs. MetLife has conducted this study for 19 years. This year’s report highlights how the pandemic intensified financial stress and mental health concerns of people of color.

The most recent study focused on exploring:

  • The disproportionate toll of the pandemic on working women relative to men, with women reporting deteriorating mental, physical and social health.
  • The worry of more than half of employees about their well being.
  • The disproportionate stress of people of color and younger generations, who maybe more likely to work outside of the home.
  • The effectiveness of a holistic approach that combines the right programs and benefits to promote a more engaged, productive and successful workforce.

Data Visualization: What Drives Desired Employee Outcomes

Filter the drivers of employee outcomes based on your organization’s goals and industry in the interactive tool below:

Want the full study?

Get over 60 pages of data and insights

The survey questioned 14,100 men and women aged 20 to 79, in all 47 prefectures, about “rougo.” We found out that:

  • Over 83.5% were uncertain about retirement, with money, health, and dementia being cited as primary causes of uncertainty.
  • Over 61% regularly save, but not systematically.

Based on these findings we are working closely with central and municipal governments, academia, and private-sector partners across Japan to increase financial literacy and drive better understanding of health issues to support building a more confident future for Japanese society.

Our Customers

Download an overview of how we are building a more diverse workforce, equitable culture and inclusive business.

Extending DEI to Suppliers

Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is embedded throughout MetLife’s entire business - extending from our workplace to our supply chain and customer base.

Our Supplier Inclusion & Development program drives the growth of diverse businesses with a goal to promote their economic growth. For example, we partnered with a small woman-owned business to secure personal protective equipment during the pandemic.

Whether in person or virtual more recently, we’re committed to achieving involvement that fosters a direct connection with diverse suppliers through membership in national advocacy organizations, many of which have recognized Metlife for its leadership in this area.

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