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MetLife’s 2019 Pension Risk Transfer Poll

For the latest Poll, U.S. defined benefit (DB) plan sponsors were surveyed to assess the likelihood they would engage in pension risk transfer (PRT), determine what specific PRT activities they would most likely use, and identify the most important drivers when selecting an insurer for a PRT.

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MetLifes 2017 Stable Value StudySM

The current study, which surveyed defined contribution (DC) plan sponsors, DC plan advisors and stable value fund providers, is the fourth that MetLife has commissioned to gain strategic insight into the current marketplace for stable value.

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MetLifes Paycheck or Pot of Gold StudySM

MetLife commissioned research to understand consumers’ attitudes and decision-making with regard to lump sums and income annuity payments from several sources, including a defined benefit (DB) pension plan or a defined contribution (DC) retirement savings plan.

MetLifes 17th

This year’s study looks at how employers can help employees thrive in work and in life.

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We’ll help mitigate your pension risk by designing a solution to meet your unique needs.

Stable Value

We’ll work with you to develop a stable value solution that drives smarter retirement decisions for your employees. 

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Offering lifetime income can help you close gaps in your company’s retirement plan and provide your employees with the peace of mind that they'll never outlive their retirement savings.

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Customized solutions for legal settlements.

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Our Specialized Benefit Resources (SBR) team focuses exclusively on the design, implementation and administration of liability financing and corporate executive benefits. 

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Partner with us to make sure that your company is prepared to cover group-term, retiree life insurance premiums over time.


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