Workforce of the Future

Talent and Skill Development

MetLife’s office in Japan.

At MetLife, we access, curate and engage talented employees, all with the potential to contribute their best in their own unique and purpose-driven way. We go beyond the conventional definition of high potential—we believe in total potential. To realize the total potential of MetLife, we must recognize the total potential of each person within our organization. 

We aim to create a culture of continuous learning and work to ensure every employee has access to tools, resources and incentives for growth.

Our Purpose

The Sustainability

We build systems that enable internal talent mobility

When we support our employees through access to challenging opportunities and a choice of new experiences, they venture to test their own potential, reach for the unfamiliar and seize new challenges.

Employees leverage our digitally enabled learning platform to continuously develop and build the core skills they need in a dynamic environment. Launched in the U.S. in 2021, MyPath, our internal talent marketplace, supports mobility by connecting employees to projects and opportunities based on their skills, experiences and ambitions. Employees can unleash their full potential and managers are able to source talent quickly based on the skills needed to get critical work done.

2021 MyLearning by the Numbers

74% of employees accessed MyLearning
638,960 learning materials viewed
724,845 learning materials completed
1,817 learners shared materials among peers
74 % 74% of employees accessed MyLearning
638960 638,960 learning materials viewed
724845 724,845 learning materials completed
1817 1,817 learners shared materials among peers

* ‘Aren’t engaged’ is defined as representative non-sales group excluding Japan that did not complete or have less than 3 assets within the Workforce of the Future program in 2019.