Employee Benefit Trends

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MetLife Employee Benefit Trends

MetLife’s annual report on workplace trends

What is the Employee Benefit Trends Study (EBTS)?

MetLife’s annual report on workplace trends, the changing needs of the workforce and the value benefits play in helping meet employee needs. MetLife has conducted this study for 19 years.


MetLife's Employee Benefit Trends Study 2021

Exploring multiple datasets and insights that span the last year and a half, this report helps make sense of the pandemic’s trends and implications so that employers can mobilize and problem-solve for a holistically well workforce, now and in the future.

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Interactive tool: Explore what employees consider must-have benefits to focus your benefits strategy

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Video: watch The 100 -- Uncover the stories behind our statistics

Meet the 100- an employee perspective on workplace trends.
We all know the stats behind the latest workplace trends, but what do they really mean for employees? Watch the video to hear their personal stories.